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Testing Your Broadband Speed

To achieve the most accurate result when using this broadband speed test please close any other web browser windows, and all other programs that might use the internet.
The test takes around 1 minute to run and will present you with three results:

1. Download Speed

Your 'download speed' is a measure of how long it takes to transfer files or data (like images, music, video or web pages) from the internet to your computer.
Download speed is often quoted by your broadband provider as your "connection speed".
Our broadband speed test downloads several large files from our server to calculate your result.
The result you see is the maximum speed achieved and should hopefully be close to the download speed promised by your provider.
Your download result is measured in Kilobits Per Second (kbps). To convert to Mb/s (Mega byte per second) divide your result by 1000.

2. Upload Speed

Your 'upload speed' is a measure of how long it takes to transfer files or data from your computer to the internet.
You "upload" files or data when you do things like send emails, post pictures on facebook or talk on skype etc.
Broadband upload speed will in general be much slower than download speed.
When you are shopping fora broadband deal, whilst it is still important, the upload speed of a package is not advertised as clearly as download.
Your upload test result is also measured in Kilobits Per Second (kbps).

3. Latency / Ping

'Latency' or 'Ping' is a measure of the time delay between your computer and the internet.
Latency is calculated by mesuring the ' round-trip' time it takes for your computer to ask for a small file on a server, and get a response back.
Every time your computer accesses a web page lots of small files are downloaded, so if your latency time is high your broadband could feel slow even if you have a fast download speed.
If you have a slow ping speed (high latency) you will notice a delay on VOIP programs like Skype. A fast ping speed is essential for online gaming.
Ping / Latency is measured in milliseconds. A good ping time is less than 50ms (smaller numbers are better in this speed test).

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